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Holiday Lights at Newcastle Casino
Christmas Light Installation Job

Christmas Llght Installation job that we did Another Christmas light installation Job that we did. Christmas Light Installation job that we did last year. This place was beautiful. Christmas Light    

We strive to make your Holiday season as less stressful as possible. We put up and take down your Christmas lights for the season which is included in our prices. We understand Christmas is the busiest time of the year and that is why we offer Christmas light installation. The last thing you want to do is pull out the multiple strings of lights and find out which ones work and don't work. After you find out which ones are bad then you have to fix the Christmas lights (more time) or spend more money to replace them (more time and money). Let our company remove this stress and free up your time so you can spend more time for Christmas shopping and spending quality time with your familyLet us make your Holiday Season hassle free by allowing our company to install your Christmas Lights this year.

LED Christmas Lights

We use Commercial Grade LED Christmas Lights. People are switching from incandescent (Thomas Edison lights) to LED for many reasons. 

  1. You save up to a $100 on your electric bill for the season if not more                                                    
  2. You can use multiple strands of lights to Griswold "Christmas Vacation" your house and only use 1 outlet and maybe 2 if you have an extremely large house and again your electricity bill should be under $10 for the season.*

We use the best grade of Commercial Grade Christmas Lights that we can find in the state of Oklahoma. These are the Brightest LED Christmas lights that we have found.

Let us customize your house this year with our Christmas Lights!

Christmas Light installation is something that we know and hopefully by the pics our work shows.
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