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Ways to prevent weeds in your flower beds 
  1. You should start thinking about your flower bed around February. This is the time to put down a weed/grass treatment to prevent weeds from sprouting up in your flower beds and this treatment will not effect any of your pre existing flowers or shrubs.
  2. Good Mulch is the last thing. I prefer to use Cedar/ Cypress Mulch. The one we use will matte itself down when it gets wet. This will help the owner out because your mulch will stay in your flower bed and won't float away.  Also the sunlight has a hard time penetrating through this dense mulch if put down with our recommendations. 
  3. The biggest complaint that I ever hear is weeds popping up and mulch floating away. If you go with our recommendations you won't have to worry about those things as we discussed above. 
  4. With my recommendations the weeds will still sprout up in the flower beds because this is how mother nature designed it but it will help slow the process down. 
  5. The only and true way to keep weeds out of your flower bed is by having a maintenance program.
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