Killian's Landscaping & Lawn Care - Kicking Grass & Taking Names
Lawn Mowing 

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Lawn Mowing Services

  • weed eat
  • edge
  • bag
  • blow off any debris
  • lawn mowing commercial/ residential

  1. We recommend to start the year out right by scalping (bagging) your yard; our recommendation is not go below 2 inches. 
  2. The optimal height for bermuda grass is 2 inches. Anything below this mark will stress out your grass and  allow those pesky weeds to come into your yard viciously.
  3.  If you allow 2 inches or higher your root growth of your bermuda grass will be dense and smother out those weeds.
  4. We highly recommend mulching when you mow your yard because this will reseed your yard and put the nutrients back into your yard. 
  5. When summer comes you should let your grass (bermuda grass)  grow to 2 1/2- 3 1/2 inches. This will help your grass during the summer months with the extreme heat.
  6.  Lastly, we recommend lowering the height of your grass (bermuda grass) back down to 2 inches and bagging to help your grass out in the winter months. 

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