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Killia's Pest Control

Are you having a problem with pests this year?
black widows spider which can be deadly. They are nothing to play with you should call a pest control company to treat your property if you see one of these.

carpenter ant. These are a bad thing to have at your property. They will not eat wood but burrow through it. They can burrow through your foundation of your home or even your trees and kill them.
ticks carry lime disease and can spread it to humans. 3 people I know this year got lime disease due to this pest. Please give us a call if you see these on your pets or even if we have a mild winter.

brown recluse. These are just horrible spiders. The damage that they cause is so bad. These pest (spiders) like to hide in dark places, attics, shoes, and any other place that is dark. By getting set up on a quarterly service we can help you eliminate these pest from harming a loved one or yourself.

We We define pest as spiders, ants, crickets, and other bugs that are a nuisance or can cause harm to  to us, our pets, or home.
Fertilization is what makes your grass green. Weed Control keeps the yard clean. If you do both you'll have a beautiful green yard with no weeds to very few weeds.

  • Let us get you set up on a Quarterly treatment plan so we can help you eliminate these pest before they become a problem.

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