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Landscaping - Flower bed

One question about landscaping customers always ask me is how to keep the weeds out of the flower beds. We have been installing and cleaning up flower beds for over 16 years. We have tried it all when it comes to keeping weeds out of the flower beds. 
  • We have installed the weed cloth (matt, black plastic, all of the names people use) and it does work temporarily. Bermuda grass and nutsedge will grow through it with no problem. It will shut it out temporarily. This weed cloth works better with cool weather weeds (broad leaf)

Lawn Mowing Service Moore, OK

I always get the certain questions asked to me more frequently than other and one that pops up this time of the year is 1. "What height should are yard be?" 2. "Will this be the last lawn mowing service for the year?" 

1st question.  "What height should are yard be?"
  • The height of your grass changes through the season. If you have bermuda grass you will start the year out with 2 in  which that is what we call scalping and it is the optimal height for bermuda grass.

Killian's Landscaping & Lawn Care

Killian's Landscaping & Lawn Care is here for you this fall with leaf clean up. I know the city of Norman has a lot of tress but with beautiful autumn colors. Unfortunately the leaves are going to fall  and someone is going to have to pick them up and this is a time consuming job. If your in need of someone contact us and we can handle this time consuming job.

Lawn Mowing Service

We are at the end of the year and lawn care is coming to an end. There should be only one mow left for the year but with our crazy Oklahoma weather their might be a couple of more. If you are busy with the holiday's approaching and need Lawn Mowing Service then give us a call Killian's Landscaping & Lawn Care. We are located in Moore for convience of Moore residents. 

Moore Strong

Killian's Landscaping & Lawn Care is pushing the market this year in the Moore Community for Christmas light installation. On May 20th Moore, Oklahoma was hit by a tornado. Some people in the Moore community have got new homes whiles others are still struggling with insurace companies. Other residents are struggling financially and others finanancially and emoitionly. We are pushing lights this year with discounts to bring up the moral for this Moore Community. I personally love Christmas and the lights make it that much better. 

Christmas light installation pt4

Want to save up to if not more than a $100 a year then have Killian's Landscaping & Lawn Care do your Christmas light installation this year.

Christmas light installation pt3

Christmas light installation doesn't have to be a headache anymore. Contact Killian's Landscaping  & Lawn Care to do your Christmas light installation. This will free up your time to focus on the other important things than the hassle of multiple strands of lights. 

Christmas light installation pt.2

Christmas Light Installation is a part of the year that people dread and others love. This is a holiday tradition for some people and they forward to each year. People who dread Christmas light installation can contact Killian's Landscaping & Lawn Care to provide profession Christmas light installation for your with a 1 year warranty

Christmas light installation

Now is the time to get in on our Christmas light installation. Beat the crowds in get booked early and have your lights up and ready. Again call us about our Christmas light installation and get booked today.

Spring is Here!

Tress are budding and the gloom is going away. The weather is warming up and time to enjoy being outside again. Now is the time to clean up your flower beds and get them ready to plant new fresh spring flowers and new bushes/ shrubs.
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