Killian's Landscaping & Lawn Care - Kicking Grass & Taking Names
green yard that we have been taking care of. We put down an extra treatment on this yard with our special blend fertilizer. Weed Free
Are you looking for that weed free deep green yard. Well, we have the right formula for you. We can help you with this with our simple formula. It is combination of watering, fertilizer, weed control, aeration, and mowing height. We will help guide you so you can achieve the yard you and your pets have always wanted. 

  • Wehave a 6 treatment program that will keep your yard looking great.

  • Don't forget about aeration because this helps achieve your goal for a beautiful lawn

  • Lastly, is our grub treatment which is an insurance policy for your yard. These pests come in and will eat your yard alive. We have a treatment that we apply once a year to help you maintain that deep green weed free yard.

beautiful green grass that is weed free. If this is what your looking for then we can achieve this for you with our simple formula.
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